Our Story

Whether producing full-scale integrated experiences for established brands like Samsung and Chevy or helping new startups grow their user base, the DigitalFlash magic touch comes from a unique understanding that genuinely connecting with influencers is what builds success.

Laura and Sara met in 2009 at an Advertising Women of New York Committee meeting. A few months later, DigitalFlash was born in a Starbucks next to Grand Central. The mission? See what happens when an ad agency veteran and client-side expert come together to shake things up and take no prisoners.

From the start, the “DFlash Girls” had a vision that paved the way for the agency. Their early events quickly became the must-attend NYC digital and tech scene gatherings, bringing in speakers from places like PepsiCo, ESPN, and Mashable to share real insights and ideas. You knew you were at a DFlash event when you left feeling like you actually learned something and met someone you really wanted to keep in touch with.

Nearly four years later, DigitalFlash stands apart as a vital problem-solving partner for brands, publishers, and agencies that value forward-thinking strategy and precise execution over trendy quick-fixes and buzzwords.

The digital landscape is more complex than it has ever been and keeps evolving at an unbelievable pace. In an industry where changes happen quickly, it’s easy to claim expertise— it’s another thing completely to actually have it.

That’s what sets DigitalFlash apart: a proven track record for cutting through the noise and engineering solutions that really move the needle.

Laura Mignott
Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

Laura’s strategic insights shape the approach DigitalFlash takes towards solving business problems big and small. She spent over 10 years working at leading agencies in the interactive marketing space, driving the success of award-winning web and mobile projects and campaigns for major brands as varied as Pfizer, Ford, and Snickers.

Sara Walker-Santana
Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

Driven by a passion for identifying trends and fostering community, Sara’s big-picture thinking elevates DigitalFlash’s work above the pack. She honed her unique point-of-view working client-side at Macy’s for 12 years, overseeing the creation and execution of broadcast, print, and digital advertising initiatives on a national scale.