Negative Attitude to Poker: What’s Wrong?

Negative Attitude to Poker
May 18, 2023

With the spread of card games, the attitude of people who do not play has changed and not for the better. Many people believe that if the game is played for money, it will not bring anything useful and kind. And, of course, they can be understood! Well, you can try to play poker on the Woo Casino login website.

Someone has personally encountered addiction and bankruptcy, fiction and cinema also clearly show us the “real” life of poker players. Even Dostoevsky wrote about the destructive power of excitement in his novel The Gambler. Hence, our favorite stereotypes arise again, which do not allow people to take a fresh look at gambling and, in particular, poker. Some of the misconceptions are similar to the casino myths, but still a couple of unique ones can be identified.

Poker Is Not a Job

Poker Is Not a Job

If we do not consider casinos in principle as a way of earning money, then the situation with poker is different. Many are convinced that it is unrealistic to turn a game into a job with a stable income.

On the one hand, they are right! Not every player can become a professional and devote a considerable part of his life to poker. To do this, you will have to make considerable sacrifices, sacrifice your family, free time and good eyesight. And where is the 100% probability that endless giveaways will really lead to a permanent income? In the presence of variance – positive or negative jumps, there can be no stable earnings.

On the other hand, the regulars of many poker pros prove the opposite. You can often stumble upon vivid biographies of top players who have managed to succeed and earn big money at tournaments and in cash. Such examples are very motivating!

But in order to secure a good income from the giveaways, you will have to sweat. You will have to spend more than one year studying strategies and honing your skills. Put more money here for sedatives, because it won’t be easy at first. But perseverance and commitment are quite likely to make you a real poker shark!

I Have Neither Money nor Talent – Poker Is Not for Me

Poker Is Not for Me

To these two unique qualities, like monetary well-being and talent, it is urgently necessary to add luck. If you don’t have this combo, well, poker really isn’t about you. Of course not! This is all a collection of hackneyed stereotypes that have simply outlived themselves. Let’s take it all in order.


Even if you are not an oil magnate, know that this is not a hindrance to the game. Poker is not the lot of the rich. Due to the fact that in the movies we often see the image of a mafia that puts diamonds and gold bars on the line, it seems that the stakes are exorbitant. You may be surprised, but players have the right to choose limits convenient for their wallet, in which bets can start from a few kopecks. As soon as you feel more confident at the table, it makes sense to try a more expensive limit.


Let’s start with the fact that talent is generally a relative concept. I wonder how it should manifest itself in a poker player? This card discipline is based on mathematics and probability theory, therefore, all this can be learned. Perhaps, the ability to analyze your mistakes and correct them is the most important talent that can be useful in giveaways. Believe me, it’s not as difficult as it may seem!


It is unlikely that poker professionals beat a tambourine before each session. They probably have mountains of practice and knowledge behind them that they can apply in the game. Of course, we cannot completely exclude the fact of luck itself, when a suitable card can come at the right moment. In comparison with casinos or lotteries, you should rely only on your skills and logical thinking.

There is a dubious attitude to poker, because cases of fraudulent frauds and deception are not uncommon. To avoid this, you need to choose only proven rooms that guarantee honesty and loyalty to their players.

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