Avalon II slots

avalon ii slot machine
January 12, 2023

Some online games of chance have a flat plot; but this is not the case with the Avalon II Slot. Created by the leader Microgaming, with the mantle of a much-loved title, one of the best slots created by this company returns.

Under 3D format and environment to improve its visual, Avalon II arrives with force, after the success of the first. Provided with high-quality graphics, easy gameplay and more tempting prizes, which will accompany you throughout the game.

Delve into the quest for the Holy Grail, in a medieval-era theme, helping King Arthur to recover it and bring it back to the land of Avalon.



The aesthetics of the game is simply perfect, all this highlighting its gameplay, very polished and high performance. In the Avalon II slot machine, the main characters and stories are still maintained, as is the case with:

  • King Arthur.
  • Marline.
  • Geneva.
  • Morgan La Fray.

These protagonists each present a very particular profile, creating a special and unique and magical period atmosphere. Its screen shows nature in the background in green tones, the logo is displayed at the top, in gold. The common card slot icons are framed in gray, making their colors stand out.

Avalon II slot has 5 reels with 243 pay lines; making this machine a powerful betting magnet. The game has around 8 mini games and a 5099 multiplier, which turns any Bet into pure gold. The Avalon II slot machine can turn an ordinary player into a true millionaire in a matter of seconds.



The game has a very simple gameplay since it is managed in part, like any other casino slot. The only difference is that there is a bonus of up to 5099 times the common prize. The board is kept down, albeit very easily with an autoplay button. The red spin button, the Bets, and the player’s balance are visible at first glance.

The bonuses make it simple, you can increase your winnings by double, triple and even five times their original value. All this in the same spin, with the possibility of turning a prize of 12 into 1,200, for example. If you wish to bet with the High Roller in a 3-hand round, you can do so, using the autoplay key. This wildcard defines the number of rounds to perform automatically and quickly.

The third reel has a bonus called Lady of The Bet, where you can receive Wild wins and many more promotions. Including the typical free spins, for this and other reasons you just can’t stop playing Avalon II slot.

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