Table tennis bets: Win with maximum emotion

Table tennis bets
October 13, 2022

When we go to place sports bets, the first thing that comes to mind are the main sports disciplines such as football, basketball and tennis betting. However, there are dozens of sports on which it would never occur to us to place a bet. One of the clearest cases is that of table tennis betting, which is the younger brother of one of the most successful sports among bettors: tennis betting. Whether you are an experienced bettor or someone who is new to ping pong betting, in this post we will explain the history of this exciting sport, the rules that govern it and some strategies and tips to get the most out of it and make your tennis predictions.

The history of table tennis

The history of table tennis began in the 1880s, developing in England as an after-dinner game, in which upper-class Victorians were its main supporters. It was not until 1926 when the so-called ping pong was organized and regulated. The interest in table tennis was increasing, getting to organize the first world cup of this sport in 1980. Its popularity peaked when in 1988 it was included as an Olympic sport in the 1988 Games.

As in tennis, you can place your ping pong bets on individual matches, where one player faces another; and in doubles matches, where two couples face each other.

Ping pong rules

To place table tennis bets you will need to know the rules before you venture out. Here we show you:

The serve must be done from the right side of the table and diagonally, so that the ball falls on the right side of the opponent’s field. As in tennis, the player has a second attempt if the first serve fails.

Players are not allowed to touch the table with any part of their body or anything other than the racket or racket. If this happened, the opposing player would add a point in favor.

In doubles matches, players from each team must take turns hitting the ball. Therefore, a player cannot hit it twice in a row.

A table tennis match is won by the best of 3 or 5 sets, depending on the competition in question.

A player or a team manages to win the set when he gets at least 11 points with a difference of 2 over the opponent. To give an example, the winner of a set could be from 11 to 9, but it could not be from 11 to 10. In the latter case, the match would be resolved if there were 12-10 left, so if a set is tied at 10 points, points will continue to be played until one of the rivals gets an advantage of two.

Table tennis predictions: markets and live betting

Table tennis predictions

If, after reading the previous paragraphs, you are still wondering where to start to make table tennis bets, don’t worry, we will now give you an analysis of the two basic aspects that we consider essential for making table tennis predictions:

Table tennis markets

As in almost all sports betting, the most common market that most bettors know about is the winner of the match. But there are an infinite number of markets to make your table tennis bets, such as the total number of points, handicap bets, bets on the first 4 places in a championship, difference in sets of the winner of a match, points scored in a set, etc..

Table tennis live betting

Table tennis live betting is quite important for punters. You can get a good return due to the constant changes that occur during the matches, which causes there to be variations up and down depending on what happens during the clash. It is important to be attentive to the development of the meeting in order to look for an opportunity, translated into a quota increase that could be interesting.

Table tennis betting tips and strategies

Table tennis betting tips

As we have commented in previous paragraphs, ping pong and tennis have many similarities in terms of game mechanics and characteristics, but we should not be confused if we are talking about table tennis bets. If you know table tennis well, it does not mean that you will know the same about your sports ‘son’, since ping pong has its own rules as we have commented at the beginning of this post.

Knowing the rules well is quite important when making your table tennis predictions, since the more knowledge we have about how it works, the less luck we will need to win our bet. On the other hand, we must carefully study the players of the different tournaments where we are going to be encouraged to bet, analyze their statistics and detect if they have positive streaks of results or if, on the contrary, they do not arrive in good shape for the match.

Another point on which you should reflect is the confusion that the names of the players can bring. We Spanish speakers tend to confuse the names of the players where table tennis is most popular: China. Well, many of their surnames are quite similar and can be confusing, so you should be aware of how they are named in Sportium when placing your bets.

Master your Bankroll and Stake: Responsible Gaming

You must manage your bankroll intelligently and not bet your entire balance on the same bet. The confidence that we have deposited in that our bet on ping pong goes ahead is called Stake. They are given a value from 1 to 10, with 10 being the value by which we show total confidence that we will hit our forecast in our table tennis bet. We will award lower values as we bet on a specific player in a more even match.

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